We started a Process Server Resources Wiki here which allows for anyone to add links for any state. If you have some, please post them or send them to us for inclusion.


Registered Process Server Law – Business and Professions Code § 22350, et seq. that sets forth the requirements to become a registered process server.

How to Become a California Registered Process Server – Description of the registration process.

Live Scan Applicant Locations – Where to find a live scan location to get fingerprinted.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Registered Process Server Law – Questions posed to PSI and answers about the California process server law.

Proof of Service of Summons POS-010 – Fillable Proof of Service of Summons form. This form is mandatory for cases pending in California state courts. Alternatively, computer a generated proof of service form may be used as long as it comports with California Rule of Court 2.150.

All California Judicial Council Court forms and Rule  – All Mandated and Optional forms are posted in .pdf format for download or filling in. Filled in forms may be saved if you have Adobe Acrobat 5 or greater or other programs allowing the creation of .pdf files. State Court Rules are found here as well.

California Secretary of State Business Portal – Find the agent for service for a corporation, limited partnership or limited liability company.


Find California Law – State-run web site listing all California laws.

California Rules of Court California – Rules of Court from the California Judicial Council site.

California Appellate Court Decisions – California Supreme and Appellate Court Opinions since 1850.


California Judicial Council  – Court Rules, forms, administration of the California courts.

Trial Court Web Sites – Links to county trial court sites and other governmental agencies.
Find addresses, phone numbers, local rules, filing fees., and local forms.

California State Bar – Membership Records – Listings of California Member Records Online. Lawyers, their official address, phone numbers, bar numbers, and the schools they attended.

California State Contractor’s License Board – Check here by principal name, business name, or license number.

California Department of Consumer Affairs – Find public information about 2.5 million  Californians in many licensed professions ranging from accountants to vocational nurses

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation – Inmate Locator – Find an Inmate.
While you’re at it, check the Federal Bureau of Prisons link below.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services – Agency that oversees Private Investigators.  Obtain applications, report unlicensed activity, lookup a PI, exam schedule, laws, etc.

Dept of Real Estate – Verify a license. Find a real estate agent or broker.

How to Apply for a Pardon – A memo from the California Governor’s office explaining the Pardon and Certificate of Rehabilitation process. A registered process must certify that he or she has not been convicted of a felony. Otherwise, a Pardon or Certificate of Rehabilitation must be obtained from the court. This link has moved four times since we started posting it in 1998 so it might be a dead link.


US Postal Service Change of Address Request form – Fill it in and send it to a US Postal Service office to obtain a forwarding address or the street address of a P.O. Box holder. It must state that the request is for service of process.

States Prohibiting Service on Sundays – Some state laws do not allow service of a lawsuit pending in those jurisdictions on a Sunday. It may be unlawful for a process server,  licensed, certified or authorized to serve in a state with that restriction, from serving a lawsuit pending in other states without that limitation.

Verify Military Status – The Service Members Civil Relief Act requires that a defendant’s military status be established before a default judgment may be taken. Each state has enacted similar legislation. That information is required on New York affidavits of service. The Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) is the central repository of the Department of Defense Human Resource Information, both current and historic, and maintains a site for that purpose. The search requires a SSN.


What is the Witness Fee For Federal Subpoenas? – Article by Tony Klein explaining how to calculate a witness fee for a witness subpoenaed in a federal action.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Courtesy of the Legal Information Institute, Cornell University, New York
Federal Rules of Evidence
US Codes Courtesy of the Legal Information Institute, Cornell University, New York
Code of Federal Regulations US Government site, from the National Archives and Records Administration, including history of changes back to 1997
FEDLAW – The General Services Administration’s site catalogue of legal and regulatory research.
Constitutions, Statutes and Codes – A list of all states can be found on this site. Pick one on this page. Some states are partial.
Appellate Court Decisions and Statutes by State – Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, KS site for appellate decisions in all states, circuits and the U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons – Inmate Locator

International Service of Process – The Department of State paper describing service of process in civil and commercial matters under the Hague Convention for Service of International Process.
Hague Convention for Service of Process – The treaty governing international service of process between signatory nations.
Organization of American States – Inter-American Treaties governing Letters Rogatory for service of process, discovery, and collecting judgments in Latin America, or process originating from there. (Dig deep. There is no direct link.)
Process Server Laws Courtesy of
FindLaw State Resources
Appellate Court Decisions and Statutes by State – Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, KS site for appellate decisions in all states, circuits and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Arizona Rules of Court (WestLaw)

Connecticut Chap 896
Connecticut – Civil Actions TOC
Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure
Illinois 735 ILCS 5- Civil Procedure
Georgia Service of Process Statutes
Kentucky Revised Statutes
Maine Title 14 Court Procedure
MT Code (Annotated)

New Jersey Affidavit of Service – Fillable Affidavit of Service form. This form is mandatory for cases pending in New Jersey state courts.

North Carolina General Statutes Index
OR Rules of Civil Procedure
South Carolina Civil Remedies and Procedures
Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code
Utah Court Rules
Vermont Statutes

Virginia Judicial System Legal Links – Laws, appellate decisions, etc.

Washington State Court Rules

Wyoming Court Rules
All Secretary of State Offices  Courtesy of the International Process Servers Association.
Florida Department of Business amd Professional Regulation – Professional licenses
Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations – Corporation information online.

Georgia Corporate Searches

Illinois Corporate Search

Kentucky Vital Records

Nebraska Secretary of State – Corporate Records (Pay for Service)
Nebraska Secretary of State – Private Detective Listings

Nevada Secretary of State – Corporation Searches.
Clark County (Las Vegas) – Permits and Licenses, “from getting married, to filming a major motion picture, to building a patio cover in your yard.”

New Mexico
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission –  Corporate Searches

Maine Secretary of State – Corporation information online.

James Manning, JD, Legal Writing and Research – Many Oregon Legal Links

Texas Office of the Comptroller – Corporation Searches by File Number, Tax ID Number, or Corporate Name. (Why don’t all the states do it this way??!!)

Utah Department of Commerce – Business Entity Searches.

Washington State Department of Licensing – Business Search
The law libraries and legal links are just a few of the extraordinary array of on-line resources available. Check a library in the state where your search is concentrated. Also check attorney pages in the particular state for excellent sources.

Washburn University School of Law  – One of the most complete, most thorough legal research site on the web. 100 links phone directories, maps, investigators, legislation for all states, search engines, etc.
The Law Library of Congress – An ideal place to start for looking up Federal law, courts, and general articles about the law.
‘Lectric Law Library – Good general links to legal sites and articles.
Moss City Court (Moss, Norway) – Supreme Court Decisions from many countries. – News, Info and more.  More like forms, district court sites to find local forms, local rules, and dockets, etc.
California Association of Private Investigators (CALI)
The Private Investigators Mall – A place to buy gadgets, books, join, attend seminars, subscribe to the PI Magazine and to spemd money on anything involving PI related.
Corporate Investigative Services – Links to Information Resources, Private-Eye Links, Equipment, Associations, Phone & Email, Legal & Law, and more.

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